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Driving School Disclaimer:

The person named above wishes to participate as a driver in "Type-R Expo 2021" at Autobahn. The participant understands that high-speed driving events have inherent risks that cannot be foreseen or eliminated no matter how experienced the driver is, or how well the car is prepared for such an event. Although driving and safety guidelines are reviewed with all participants, the event organizers have no direct control over individual driver behavior on the track. Accidents or collisions with other vehicles may result in death, permanent injury or disability. Causes of accidents include but are not limited to equipment failure, changing track conditions, driver error, or negligence on the part of the driver or other drivers and their vehicles on the track. The driver agrees to follow the track driving rules and guidelines outlined in the mandatory driver's meeting and in the event description. The driver has prepared his car mechanically for high-speed performance driving and is aware that equipment failure may result in death or injury. By signing below the participant accepts the risks inherent in a driving school. The participant and his/her heirs release the owners of Autobahn, event organizers (including ITRCA / Type-R Club of America) and track officials from all liability arising from the event. The participant also acknowledges that payment to this event and the credit card service charge charged by Paypal is non refundable.

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